Why you should use Certax to do your Private Hire tax returns?

There are 7 main reasons why you should use Certax to act on your behalf and not a cheap accountant or local firm down the road?

We specialise in Private Hire

  •  We are specialist accountants for taxis and private hire
  •  We have unrivalled knowledge and experience in the taxi trade
  •  We offer a 14 day turnaround max
  •  We don’t do surprises, you are kept up to date whenever necessary with all your business and tax affairs
  •  Our fees are fixed for 2 years, so you can ensure you get the best quality of service without worrying about us raising the price
  •  We are the only accountants nationwide that will pay you to have your accounts done with us!
  •  You will get 10% of their fee in your pocket for as long as the client remains with Certax

What’s included in our Private Hire package

  •  Your own dedicated accountant
  •  All necessary accounts and returns to HMRC
  •  Regular tax efficiency recommendations
  •  Representation in the event of an HMRC investigation
  •  Unlimited help and advice
  •  Automatic regular reminders for all of your important deadlines
  •  Access to a financial advisor, legal advisor and insurance broker
All of the above is included from just  from £120 per year